WHAT: This Body of Work is a thing-a-day type project. The goal is that for every day of 2012, the blog will feature a photo or image accompanied by a short bit of writing (poem, sentence, flash fiction, grocery list). The plan in will change from month to month (I’m kind of making it up as I go along… Shhh, don’t tell).

  • JANUARY: An image of some part of my body, accompanied by words.
  • FEBRUARY: I’m participating in the Month of Letters Challenge, and thus I will be writing and sending something in the postal mail every day. Here, I will probably attempt to capture some small part of that process daily.
  • MARCH: I’ve decided that for March, I will be using music as the inspiration for poems. It might be a lyric, a title, an essence, a musical sensibility.

WHY: I’m interested in capturing an entire year in these smalls flashes of insight, these bits of images and words. I’m also interested in exploring the body (especially the 40 year-old-body that I live in) in a detailed, yet completely spontaneous way. And to see how that makes me feel, how it makes others feel, and how the process changes me (or doesn’t) over the year.

SHARE: Are you doing a creative project for 2012? Daily, weekly, monthly or otherwise? Want to share, participate, or link with me? Let me know!



6 thoughts on “About

  1. I tried doing a 365 project last year (self-portraits)…I think I managed 118. It’s tough to do, well atleast for a slacker like me, and I wish I’d gotten more done because what I did do is fun to look back on. I look forward to following along with you this year (as I have in various ways in previous years). For this year, I’d like to just be more active with my own blog.

  2. I’ve been thinking about a 365 blog this year, but I still haven’t decided. I guess I’m down to a 359 if I start today. Hmmm…the possibilities.

  3. ancient photographer on said:

    What a comfortable site this is for me. I hope you will keep it going.

  4. Very cool! Love the concept, and will definitely return to This Body of Work.
    I am working on a project for 2012, exploring the connections between science and art–with the goal of settling down into NaNoWriMo 2012 and writing a YA novel along those lines.
    My blog, in case you’re interested, is http://sdefreitastimmons.wordpress.com

  5. Oh, I just saw this from a Google+ post. I love absolutely love the idea and is something I want to do myself. A sort of daily self-discovery (also turning 40 in less than a month) and creative outlet. I do hope you think you mimicry is the best compliment. I look forward to creating my own 365 day project soon. Look forward to following the remaining days.

  6. Mimicry is a fantastic compliment! Thank you. And best of your luck with your project!

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