With this Blue Dress

Never is a long time to be married.
Never is a long time between love.
Never is lot of nonsense of who knows what
and for how long.
Never is the word that falls from the tongue
like the most perfect candy, long before
you are ready to let go its sweet globe.
Never is how long it takes for my dress
to leave me.
Never is how long it takes for me to
put it back on.
Here is never, stretched across these
sheets, crumpled paper and bedposts.

I never wanted never with you.
But always. The word stitched
upside down on the inside of my wrist
like a lasso, an antidote, a wellspring
of want.

Bury me not in red, but in blue.
Sky high. River deep. Rushing
until the breath leaves me
empty but for the seams.


Scrawled Notes

Image taken with iphone outside.
Words written while back home. Huzzah.
Ears On Grizzly Bear
Time Taken three minutes. power poem!
Brain On this weekend’s trip to Portland.

About Me  

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3 thoughts on “[191]

  1. phew. like this one a lot. mbfrezon.

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