swords hidden in a tea-length dress

they don’t let you on the plane with that piece of steel
between your legs
you’re a dangerous girl showing your knees
misdirection at the height of the sky

somebody’s got a baby and you know seven ways
to keep it quiet
rice nipples drugs rattle killing
the other two you’ve never tried

if there are angel faces then yours is something
sweeter sugar you make my teeth ache
just to look at you
but don’t play me

i see you standing
demure ankles fingers itching from bad blood
all that lace cuts like fine shards
that sharpened tongue like
grains of time through sand.


It’s August, MotherFuckers! 

Image taken with iphone
Words today’s title came from Karen Rigby’s poem, “Lovers in Anime.”
Ears On the silence of a friend’s basement, where I’m staying.
Time Taken unknown.
Brain On how I said that I wouldn’t do the daily poem while I was on the Convention Tour, but really, I miss being creative. I don’t know if I’ll be able to do something every day until I return home, but I at least want the option to slip away for a few minutes and write.

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2 thoughts on “[188]

  1. Thank you for being creative! Some times, stolen moments are the sweetest.

  2. They definitely are. I missed it — being creative is like the world’s best (okay, second best) drug 🙂

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