Bone from Bone from Bone

because the books stack beneath the box
because the box is actually a window
and it is open to the storm’s searching eye
because there is room for birds to enter
like robbers of bells and seeds
because dessert got left on the table
because someone ate it while the news
because two people were hanged
and eleven more jailed
and if you kept watching
five more were stoned
for raping their neighbor
because i am not a stone
or a rapist or a neighbor
because tomorrow is eight hours
because the night will fall
whether you love me or not
because this is me taking
off my dress like they do
in black and white movies
because you are black and white
and i am color
because i am color
because you leave dessert
because you leave the TV
because you leave the hanged
to their hangings
because you don’t covet
the neighbor
because your hands on me
because your mouth on me
because your body on me
because my thighs open
because i am the la douleur exquise
and you think to not have me is like
but really it is just the opposite
because the pull-pound of a headache
because too much cold
because too much sweet


It’s August, MotherFuckers! 

Image is of more accidental shots of… whatever happened to be near the phone.
Words written at Case Study Coffee!
Ears On the odd muffle when I have my headphones in but forgot to turn any music on.
Time Taken six-ish minutes.
Brain On my reading at SheBop tonight. And missing people.


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One thought on “[181]

  1. Loved the “accidental shots of… whatever happened to be near the phone.”

    Your rhythm reminded me of Irena Klepfisz’s “Bashert.” Here’s part of it:

    These words are dedicated to those who died . . .

    because they took risks

    because they were stubborn and refused to give up

    because they asked for too much . . .

    because someone did not follow through

    because someone was overworked and forgot

    because someone left everything to God

    These words are dedicated to those who died

    because death is a punishment

    because death is a reward

    because death is the final rest

    because death is eternal rage

    * * *

    These words are dedicated to those who survived

    because they refused to give up and defied statistics

    because they had faith and trusted in God

    because they expected the worst and were always prepared

    because they were angry . . .

    These words are dedicated to those who survived . . .

    because life is an awakening and they were alert

    because life is a flowering and they blossomed

    because life is a struggle and they struggled

    because life is a gift and they were free to accept it.

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