i will have a party

and i will invite Summer because Summer
always brings the best hostess gifts and wears
skirts made of hibiscus leaves that shiver
around her rivered hips i will invite

the scent of corn silk in july and let it
lovescratch the edges of my legs as i walk by
i will invite last night’s dream and its plus one
let them make out in the bedroom like they did
while I slept i will invite all of my years behind

and all of my years ahead even though they
will shed tears in the punch bowl get drunk
on the porch with the sweetest boy lift their skirts
smoke that whole pack down to the filter
kiss the cutest girl spin the stars down
convince the world they’re fine and they’ll
take care of the garbage in the morning


Back of the Envelope

Image taken with iPhone.
Words written with a wee headache.
Ears On Brandi Carlile.
Time Taken I don’t know. I got distracted.
Brain On the joys of joy.

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