Now That It’s Over

Let’s wrap it in tin foil and don it like hats.
Let’s make a hundred ways to tie it around

our necks. I know we can’t save it for later
but I need something to lick in the dark.

Peaches don’t break the same as skin. Only
some pits grow into trees. You know where

the rest are buried. The boy in the river hollers
about a rising tide. He’s cried wolf before. Don’t

leave this world to me. Every time the year
begins I forget that we’ve put it behind us.

The birds calligraph the sky. The letters of
my name are just circles above the dying.


Back of the Envelope

Image taken with iPhone.
Words written with sweetness.
Ears On First Aid Kit (yes, still. I’m in love with them).
Time Taken 3 minutes.
Brain On novelizing.

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2 thoughts on “[160]

  1. Hi, awesome poem, Robin is very enthusiastic about your work and introduced me to your stuff, we will be asking you to be in the premiere issues of Stark, I hope you say yes.

  2. Oh, thank you so much!

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