Six Months of This Body of Work

It’s a new month. Somehow it sneaked up on me. Again. Stupid. You’d think I’d learn to look behind me more often. I suppose I like surprises.

Speaking of surprises, I have no idea what July’s theme will be, or even if it will have one. I’ll be traveling out of the country for some of this month, so my ‘net access will be limited. I also have a novel due to the publisher mid-August, so my time will be limited.

Writing that just made me realize that 2012 is half over. I’ve been doing this for six months. When I threw together the idea back in December, I had no idea what it would entail (that’s kind of how most things get done in my life. I say yes to things that I would never agree to if I understood how much work they actually required).

Six months is a heck of a lot of words. I’m sort of amazed that I’m still here. But the most amazing thing? That you’re still here. That you keep reading and commenting and sharing and writing response poems and turning things into music and art. And that is the thing that keeps me coming back here, every day, to write something new.

Let’s see what unknown joys the second half of 2012 will bring!

Best, s.


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2 thoughts on “[157]

  1. That picture just scares me to look at it. Wonderful effect!

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