Lucky No. 7: Spoiler Alert

If you read line number seven of page seventy-seven
of the lifeline of my life, it would only tell you the most

truthful fiction. I don’t smoke in the back alley anymore.
I only eat meat when I’m with you. That man hasn’t been

watching me watch across the courtyard in my winter
sundress. The space shuttle has not just crossed into

an identical solar system in that place we have no
name for. I once lived underwater for three years

and loved a sea witch with a fork for a tongue. I
have snakes on the brain. Petunias are not dangerous.

I know how to load this gun. If you turn the page and run
your fingers down the lines, they decypher themselves into bees.

~ Palm Reading

Image of pennies on the counter, taken with iPhone.
Words written in the dark of night.
Time Taken Long enough to eat a pint of blueberries.
Brain on the Lucky 7 meme that I just did, which where I drew the inspiration from.

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