The magic show expects me to put my head
in the rabbit’s mouth, to pull lions out of mad hats.

They wait for the moment I bend metal through metal,
releasing the long-captured djinn of alchemy into the wild.

Someone promised I would bury the sword in the long line
of my throat to the very hilt of my ancestry. The strong man

holds his dumbbells and waits with bended legs for me
to lift him toward the stripes. There isn’t enough salt

to keep me anchored to the monkey’s back. The clown car
is already full. The crowd roars and shakes its golden mane.

They send someone forward to cut off my legs.
This is no time for setbacks. I fold myself small

as a fist in the dark, ready myself to be shot
through the world at the highest speed of light.

~ Palm Reading

Image of Strength card (plus two others) drawn at random from Tarot deck. 
Words written at coffee shop.
Time Taken .75 miles of words.
Brain on new chapter of new novel and Prometheus!

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