The Moon, When Reversed

i. Clarity, control and peace in troublesome times

I wear my dress at all times. If I can keep my hands shoved
in the depths of my mouth, they aren’t tempted to lift my skirt
above my knees. The runs in my hose are morse code for
the ones who watch. I sniff lemon-scented markers like
mothers sniff their babies.

ii.. Increased psychic abilities

I can hear you breathing from across two oceans.
Last time you took a plane, you cried when the woman
offered you her magazine. There are steps one can take
to be alone, but no one knows them. The cab drivers says
where will you go next?

iii. Temptations, small problems and minor setbacks overcome

Even on days when venus doesn’t cross it, I want to stare at the sun.
The stove draws my hand toward it, an impulse that doesn’t reach
the brain. Droves of boys with black hair and broken hearts hunt
for girls just like me. I set my traps, I set my traps. Beautied danger
is a vitamin I grow wan without.

iv. The dawning of a new day

I’m supposed to have learned something by now. The dark essence
of air behaving as water. The importance of planets revolving through
strangers’ eyes. What one does in times of grief, besides watch
ordinary stars through a glass of smoke. How to burn the
house of cards to the ground.


Palm Reading

Image of this free tarot card reading I did online. I let it choose all the options for me. Kind of cool. (Note: I’ve never actually had my tarot cards done, my fortune told or my palm read).
Words written in the cold and wet.
Time Taken I dunno.
Brain full of travel planning, novel writing, blah.

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