The Devil’s Curious Cats

wanted to know
why I’d come to meet their master
whether I tasted like honeyed milk and the ears of rats
whether I understood their language, the pulsed purrs
what I had on under my skin
if I’d brought pictures of my children
if I had children
or cats
or heaven help me, dogs

they wore chains of silver and collars of claws
they curled their tails about their feet in marks of question
they said they were the cats of a queen, once,
a woman with kohled eyes and savage beauty
they said they were tired of the smell of brimstone
they were tired of the brush of leathery wings
they were tired just tired, really,
but what was there to do

I said I didn’t know

they tasted me with dappled tongues, the only pink
in the whole place
and then they let me pass
on to greater dangers

they didn’t wonder if I’d come back
they offered to hold the things in my pockets
they offered me their claws their chains their collars
they said they wanted a queen again
with savage eyes and kohled beauty

I said I’d see what I could do.


Palm Reading

Image of the devil drawn at random from the Universal Fantasy Tarot deck.
Words written in the leather chair in the corner.
Time Taken 6 minutes.
Brain waking up. Give it a couple more hours.

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