I want this world ~ Kim Addonizio, “For Desire”

At the end of my dreams, there is a house with walls of windows;
probably a claw-foot tub, recycled countertops that used to be the
floor of a high school gym, a door on the front and back that may
or may not lock. Or even swing shut in the gale force of wind. It’s

the windows to keep your eyes on, though. Floor to roof, taller than
me, taller than the man in my dreams who comes through the may
or may not be open door. Taller than even me with my arms stretched
up and caught in the grasp of his grip. The glass is stained with the sweat

of my want, the smear of my greed. Golden halo was just my head, resting,
at the moment of his kiss. The blue mountains the press of my ass. Pale birds
were my fluttering hands. Or his. He brings them to flight, soft calls of swan song,
swooping. Nothing rests easy in this house of dreams. Fuck the stillness

of prayer, the silence of vows, the stone of not being. Death will come for me soon enough with its nevermove. With its lay down and be quiet. With its stay right here. At the end of my dreams, there is a house with walls of windows.
A woman who wants this world. And a man who couples her wrists to the sky.



Image taken with iPhone.
Words written at Jewel Box, with sunshine and sweet.
Time Taken 6 minutes.
Brain on desire.

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