Dirty Mouth

We pile soap like bricks on the bathroom sink.
I’d build something grand if they lasted longer.
When we kiss, I taste the lavender of your fields.

Our love is dirty like what’s under the nails of
a lion, blood flecked with prey. Watch this leap of faith
onto the back of gazelles. If you stop chasing

tails, I’d come for you anyway, my spine curving
the letters of your name. My fists are for pawing.
I know eleven words for love and all of them sound like

kill. You’ve spotted me in the tangled jungle
of the bathroom mirror. Shine eyes. The shower
is a curtain of forget. Metal hooks that string

things together. I’ve misplaced the baby again,
like house keys. Shake me, listen for the
muffled jangle of teeth through skin.



Image taken with iPhone.
Words written tucked between the fireplace and the stained-glass windows.
Time Taken 5 or 10 minutes.
Brain on the realization that being an introvert means I have no one to photograph for these poems except myself.

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5 thoughts on “[125]

  1. oklandon on said:

    When introverts have someone like Shanna to photograph, who needs anyone else?

  2. *ahem* Well. That’s a lovely mouth. That’s all I’ll let myself say about that 😉

    This is so visceral. My mind was full of the entrails of life, love, pain,relationships and those non-relationships that we sometimes get stuck in. I felt like a haruspex, poking through things white and bloody, ignoring the eagle’s flight overhead for the irregular curve of a liver.

    (My apologies…my MC in my novel is masquerading as part prostitute, part seer in 1100 AD Byzantium…)

    I struggled to pick a line to quote for my RT(I like to select something..) because so many of them are evocative. Gorgeous.

  3. Wow, thank you Aisling. I am always blown away by comments that are a form of poetry in their own right. Beautiful. Thank you thank you.

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