cephalopod mollusc of the order octopoda

you make me want to hide against the surface of the sea,
spring tentacles into fins, polka dots into stripes and back again.
i can become fish, nearly foul, rock, stone, human heart.
two-legged minnow, sea snake, coral reef. we’ll skip the flounder.

too obvious. i’m not spineless. i harbor remnants of
bones in there. somewhere. there is enough ink for both
of us to paint our four eyes. they were out of black.
it’s called diver’s blood after shark bite. here.

give me your arms. we’ll lay strings of eggs from the ceiling like lights,
leave them there to fend for themselves. i refuse to ingest my own
body parts for sustenance. not for love either. just look away for a second.
i’ll be right there.




Image: Octopus drawn on me and photographed by Colin James. 
Words written with lovely music, crunchy chips, iced mocha.
Time Taken 6 minutes writing.
Brain on the new novel, candlelight, snow.

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