The Atlas of True Names: A Love Poem

West Virgin Land. Maiden’s Meeting Place.
Modest. Land of the Naked Ones.
Plum River Mouth. The Blossoming One.
Fertile Land. Point Conception. Moon Navel Gulf.
The Little One.
Island of Happiness. Straight of Good Fortune.
Cape Look Out!
Cape of Reversal. Great Land of the Tattooed.
Consecration. Land of Strangers.
Bay by the Stranger’s Fort.
The Door. Death Valley. Beautiful Place.

*all names are real and are taken from the Atlas of True Names


Media No video today. Per yesterday: I realized a video a day is just a super crazy goal. I’ll keep throwing them in as I’m able, but first and foremost I want to write.
Words written at Chocolati.
Time Taken 8 minutes writing.
Brain on American McGee’s Alice, the feel of velvet, cool socks.

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