A Mad Tea Party

after Prozac

I’m sorry to say the milliner has gone sane.
Glue sniffer, lid licker, felt bender no more.
Now he plays Old Maid with a full deck,
pours actual tea from actual pots.
The bats in the belfry have flown.
We can answer all his riddles.
The cupcakes aren’t even
afraid of him anymore.
Not a lick of cream cheese scare.

Dormouse can’t stay awake because
she’s bored to death. She squeaks
when she snores, whiskers atumble,
footed jammies open at the seams.
The mousetrap of her memory is going.

It’s May and the March Hare is still
mostly mad. We’re eating out of paper cups.
Drinking from the water of mercury.
I would murder Time if I could, but he’s
already on to me, hidden in some
rabbit’s pocket, running late.



Media No video today. I realized a video a day is just a super crazy goal. I’ll keep throwing them in as I’m able, but first and foremost I want to write.
Words written at home on the couch.
Time Taken 4 minutes writing.
Brain on sunshine, Alice In Wonderland, comic books

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