A Glorious Return?

What happens when you miss a few days in a daily-for-a-year-project? One of two things. Either you call failure and you give up (and spend that oh-so-precious time doing other things that need to be done). Or you say, “Oh well, I missed a few days” and then you get back on that bucking, white-eyed horse.

Hello horse.

April is National Poetry Month. How I love being born in the month of poetry. This month’s theme is going to be memoir poems in the form of lists. That’s a pretty specific goal, I know. But memoir is subjective. So are lists. We’ll see how far I can push the boundaries before we all want to give up list-making forever.

Happy month of poetry. Happy month of checkmarks. Happy bucking wild ride on the back of this damn dappled horse.



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One thought on “92

  1. ancient photographer on said:

    You are remounted on your horse of argent. Now the silvery words of your poetry will flow again!

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