The Seamstress & the Man in the Long Black Coat

Customer Notes:
{1} Needs mending, torn @ sleeve
{2} Missing button at collar, right side. Find replacement?
{3} Liner ripped, gaping hole. Doesn’t he have wife? Ask next time
{4} Receipt in pocket for white cotton dress. Also needs mending? Ask.
{5} Smoke smell hard to get out. Also, dust. Send through wash twice.
{6} Forgot to get contact info. NEED NAME, PHONE AT LEAST.
{7} Can hear crickets behind washers. Call exterminators.
{8} Wash silk dress for tonight’s dance. Find traveling shoes.


*With apologies to Dylan.


Image taken with iPhone.
Words written while sitting in a little slant of sunshine.
Time Taken 8 minutes.
Brain on Sunday mornings. Coffee. Sex. Sweet pastries. Working out.

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One thought on “[85]

  1. I really like this poem. It works so well on so many levels. I especially like the title. So much going on beneath the surface! Nice, nice poem.

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