Lessons in Falling

I’ll remind you of gravity, smack of concrete,
squeaky slip down the picture window. If it
lifted us to touch the stars, we’d all be burned,
whining for the safety of the seatbelt.
There are laws.

You’ll remind me that gravity is hypothetical,
uplift of impossible bees, flight of the birds
that hum. If the flower is bright enough,
the rules go through the glass, easy
as a sunbeam.

I’ll. You’ll. We’ll
tumble between, let the pink petals
swirl around. Caught in mid-air.
Falling up. Rising down.
Bodies in motion stay in motion.
Laws bend like light
around a source.



Image taken with iPhone.
Words written in front of the fire.
Time Taken 6 minutes.
Brain on my novel. And how tired I am of writing poetry!

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