Sunday Prayer

I’ve never been that good at faith.
To believe in something greater
than myself means I have to believe
something is greater than myself.

What proof is there that the world
doesn’t revolve around each of us,
ourselves tiny suns of orbital
anxiety, pulling everything within

our grasp, just to feel less rocked
in our paths? I pull you closer to me
as you pull me closer to you.
Isn’t this the true meaning of gravity?

In the sky, it is the curves that keep
us alive. We tumble from grace at the
same speed as we tumble from faith.
Again and again and yet again.

Escape velocity circumvents
logic. Drag me down to earth.
Bow my head. Let me believe,
above all, I am a heavenly body.



Musical Inspiration: Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen

Image taken with laptop at Revolutions Coffee
Words written at Revolutions
Time Taken 15 minutes?
Brain on moving my ass, gratitude, mermaids, rabbits

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2 thoughts on “[64]

  1. Every man and every woman is a star…You are a heavenly body.

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful words.

  2. Teresa Noelle Roberts on said:


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