Ears & Tails: A Packing List

1. Things to Do First (in no particular order):

Rent a vehicle.
Find new place to live.
Find the life you left 1.23 years ago.
Realize that life wasn’t as good as you thought. Scratch that last one.
Search the internet to see if you can order a new life online.
Get distracted by pictures of new lives online.
Pick up the rental car. Late.
Find green M&Ms beneath the gas pedal.
Eat them.
Pretend you didn’t.
Wish there were more.

II. Things to Pack (in very particular order):

Books. [Note: in small boxes, otherwise too heavy to carry]
[Consider: neighbor is sexy, with nice arms]
[Note: Get bigger boxes]
Computer with keyboard. Don’t forget mouse.
Royal typewriter with poem paper still in it.
Your first bad novel, complete with notes to yourself in purple glitter pen.
The bunny ears. [Note: Wash first?]
Your sense of humor [Note: Look in couch cushions].
Pinkie swears.
The dog.
The blue dress you met the love of your life in.
The gloves you wore that night too. The earrings? [Note: Find these].
[Note: If can’t find, wear stars in your ears. Two in each.]


III. Things to Leave Behind

The cedar chest from your first marriage.
The stone heart from your second marriage.
The aspirin bottle from your third marriage. {Use to hold loose change in rental car?]
Boot polish in black, brown, burgundy and blood-red.
Those boots. You know the ones.
The bunny ears? {Note: Wash first!].
False promises.
Real promises.
Saying no.
Glow-in-the-dark stars on the bedroom ceiling.
The way you’d stare skyward, sure of every sign.



Image taken with iphone
Words written on the kitteh couch
Time Taken 6 minutes
Brain on packing, moving, traveling
on “Yes Man.”

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2 thoughts on “[29]

  1. John Mitchell on said:

    Hey Shanna,

    I really like this. I like it a lot.

    I love the “…stars in your ears…stars on bedroom ceiling…stare skyward.”

    It all works together nice. Your poem speaks to me, as I sit sipping a wee shot of Spiced Jack no94 rum on ice at 2:21 AM.

    It has been a long couple of weeks, work-wise and emotion-wise.

    Thank you for the words.

    A while back you mentioned your short piece “Trill”, on G+ so I looked it up.
    I adore a good short story that draws you in, and then when it is too late to escape finishes you off. (in such a good (bad?) way. I mean “bad” in the best sense of course.
    I absolutely loved it. Wonderfully done! Exquisite!


  2. Oh, wow. What a lovely comment to wake up to — thank you so very much for taking the time (and I won’t even hold it against you that you didn’t offer to share your lovely sounding spiced rum! 🙂 ).

    Thank you also for the nice (bad?) words on Trill! Wow. You just made my day!

    Best, s.

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