There Are Eleven Ways I Love You

1. All the pretty girls.

2. How snow finds you, every time.

c. There are horses in the fields of your eyes. Wild. Wild. Wild.

d. When I found your wallet under the creature comforters. I remember how it got there.

e. The uncanny valley of my thighs.

Tomorrow. Which you help me remember to forget. Elephants gather round.

+1. At the swirl of my collarbone. There is no dislike button at my belly.

h. Used measuring tapes. Red-rimmed glasses. A sock bunny named Edgar or Ethan or Arthur. Couches wide enough for the heart of my ass. The octopus  who sneaks salmon in the middle of the light.

i. That’s more than eleven already.

Forever. That word becomes a storied, starried constellation in the noun of your mouth.

k. The attention you give to supernovas.

eleven: is an arbitrary number.



Image taken with iphone
Words written at the coffee shop, 2pm
Time Taken 15 minutes?
Brain on coffee-hits, snow swirls, pure&utter delight
on the sound of snow, falling and the music of Joan Osborne and Neko Case.

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3 thoughts on “[16]

  1. 🙂

    Sigh. That’s lovely.

  2. such perishing beauty… RT

  3. Thank you both, so much.

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