13 Ways of Looking at 13

a. or Triskaidekaphobia

b. or not Tetraphobia

c. a proper hangman’s noose requires exactly this many turns in order to break a neck.

d. for revenge purposes, I value pain over a clean death. In this rare case, twelve will do.

e. seventeen is overshadowed. Do the math: XVII could be VIXI.

f. “I have lived” is a euphemism for “I am dead.”

g. Thirteen has nothing to do with role-playing. Unless there is an extra moon that portends the death of the witch at the end of act.

h. our Lady of Fatima says it isn’t the moon that’s bloated. Her apparition is a symptom of PMS. She’ll take blue pills in the future.

i. omission: If the seller have gone to (his) fate (i. e., have died), the purchaser shall recover damages in said case fivefold from the estate of the seller.

j. a morbid, irrational fear could just be the portend of your demise. How is one to know for sure?

k. the earth mother and the devil’s dozen wrote the guest list.

l. i am always the thirteenth mourner to arrive at your funeral.

m. you shouldn’t have invited me to dinner.



Image taken with iphone
Words written at the coffee shop
Time Taken 9 minutes
Brain on soooo much
on KT Tunstall

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